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It’s been a massive craze amongst the celebs and now we’ve got our hands on some of these fabulous feather hair extensions, bringing them to Eastbourne. These totally natural feather extensions are a brand new concept in hairdressing and can be washed and blow dried (just watch where you put your brush next to them). They are fastened into the hair using a special technique and tools and will last as long as you look after them.

Perfect for both straight and curly styles these feathers come in natural tones and some wild and wacky colours too. They add colour, texture and just something more interesting to your everyday style. Attaching feather hair extensions is very easy. Using a few strands of hair, you thread it through a bead that is placed on top of the feather. Then a special clamp is used to lock the bead in place and you’re all done. Feather extensions only take about 10 minutes”